Welcome to Fitlosophy

Hello therIMG_0605e. My name is Karen Thompson and I am starting my blogging journey with Fitlosophy.  My vision for this blog is to provide readers with knowledge they can use to live a healthy lifestyle and understand a bit of the science behind exercise. I believe that understanding is motivating and the more we are aware of what our bodies are capable of, the more we strive to be our best.

Ill start off by sharing my fitness story. I grew up in a small town in Michigan. We had 10 acres of land, so I had plenty of room to run outside and be active. My mom decided to put me in gymnastics because I had so much energy. Gymnastics became a big part of my life once I joined the competitive team. I loved gymnastics more than anything. It did not come easy to me and I was hard on myself, so there were challenges throughout the years. But the sport taught me so much about myself; how to push myself physically, work through fear and be confident in myself. I continued with gymnastics throughout high school and competed on my college club team for three years.

My true passion when it comes to gymnastics is coaching. I absolutely love the creativity that comes with structuring workouts to help kids achieve their goals. I believe that anyone can get to where they want to go if they are dedicated and focused on their goal.

Going into college, my interest in anatomy and how the body works  led me to choose a major that focused on human physiology. I got my  undergraduate degree in Exercise Science in 2012 and am currently finishing up my Masters in Exercise Physiology. I  just started interning at a Cardiac Rehabilitation facility, which is the last step before I get my masters.

After I stopped competing in gymnastics, I started doing yoga. I have been practicing yoga consistently for 3 years now. Iyengar yoga is what really converted me into a “yogi.” However, I enjoy many different types of yoga. I would like to get my 200 hour certification someday. I also do lots of HIIT workouts through my new favorite gym, Carolina Sweat.

Oh yeah-I made a move from Ann Arbor MI to Charlotte, NC about 6 months ago. I have had so much fun exploring my new city. Charlotte has a lot to offer when it comes to fitness. I will definitely share on future posts. Thank you so much for reading my story.

What motivates you to keep up with your fitness goals? What was the one sport or activity that fueled your passion for fitness?

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