Weekly Workouts

I have been keeping a fitness log since September of last year (so about 5 months). I started tracking my exercise because I signed up for my first Reebok Spartan race! With something specific to train for, I have been much more motivated to keep up with my workouts. Having a goal makes such a big difference. It pushes you on the days your really not feeling it and its something to look forward to. My race date is in April, so I still have plenty of work to do.

When I track my workouts, I include the following:rpe-scale.gif

  • Main activity (HITT, yoga, running, weight training, etc) & duration
  • Main muscle groups targeted
  • RPE- rate of perceived exertion, which is a fancy way of stating how hard I worked. I use the Borg 6-20 scale.
  • What was most challenging
  • Any other notes- how I felt, if anything come up mentally, how sore I feel or just anything else I feel like noting.


Here are my Weekly Workouts from January 11th-17th


  • HITT- 45 mins
  • Legs (lots of squats on an upside-down bosu ball) & Upper body (planks, kettle bell lifts and push ups)
  • RPE 16
  • Squats on an upside-down bosu ball with a kettle bell, lifting the kettle bell to underneath the chin on the way up. The upside down bosu ball works the entire body.  Your core is on fire in order to stabilize and balance.


  • HITT- 45 mins
  • Back, Arms and Sprinters
  • RPE 15
  • Bicep curls on 25 lb resistance band AND cross jacks alternating with jumping jacks holding battle ropes
  •  Yoga at Olde Mecklenburg Brewery- 60 mins


  • Cardio Day- 45 mins
  • Cardio & Core- alternating with sprints, box jumps, kettle bell work, squats, v-ups, ab thrusters and slider walks
  • RPE 16
  • Squat jumps to half burpee’s & toe taps with 15 lb kettle bell
  • Aerial Yoga- 1 hour


  • Universal Yoga
  • Shoulder opening and back strengthening
  • Pranayama work- something I definitely need to improve on. I don’t always “get into it” as much as I should. It also leaves me feeling light headed sometimes….
  • Playground Fitness
  • 3 x 15 push-ups, 3 x 15 tricep dips, 4 x 15 leg lifts
  • Pull up work: 2 x 30 second chin hold. 2 X 2 full pull ups.
  • RPE 15
  • Can only do 1.5 without swinging. I want to be able to do at least 4 by race day


  • Flow Yoga-1 hour
  • Great Instructor! I just stared practicing at beYoga in Charlotte and Vivian’s class was awesome.
  • HITT- 45 mins
  • Core, Back & Jumps
  • RPE 16
  • Sprinters down the floor with 20 lb dumbell, then 5 bicep curls
  • Ab thrusters & reverse sit ups for 4 minutes at the end


  • Cardio- 45 mins
  • jogging, jumping lunges, sprints, crunchers, burpees, high knees.
  • RPE 17
  • Jumping lunges to a jump squat
  • Sprints with full burpees
  • Deep Stretch Yoga to balance it all out


  • Rest!

This week I went extra hard. My internship start date got pushed back one week, so I had looots of free time to work out. I feel great though and enjoyed pushing myself this week.



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