Life Lately + Weekly Workouts

This marks my third week as an intern at Carolinas Medical center. I am finishing up my graduate degree in Exercise Physiology through Eastern Michigan University. Since I moved to Charlotte NC over the summer, I found my internship down here. I am working in cardiac rehabilitation and I really like it so far. It’s such a relief that I am enjoying the work and picking up things quickly. The pre-graduation excitement/ nerves are starting to hit me. I am thrilled to be graduating, yet slightly terrified because now I really have to put my big girl pants on and enter the real world.


Happy to be a part of this great program .

It’s definitely an exciting time for me though. I am trying to focus on taking things one week at a time and embracing whatever comes my way.

Now onto workouts for this week. I did a ton of great HITT and group training workouts at Carolina Sweat.


Powerful Heated Vinyasa Yoga at Be Yoga


  • HITT workout at Carolinas Sweat
  • Upper body, Shoulders and Back Day
  • RPE 16
  • Most challenging: Toe taps on a panel mat (fast paced), while holding a medicine ball at chest level. (2-3 sets of 1 minute)


  • Cardio Day at Carolinas Sweat!
  • TRX work, jump rope, burpee’s, mountain climbers, sprinting and core work.
  • RPE 17-18: most challenging cardio day yet
  • Mountain climbers with feet suspended in the TRX bands; Whew!!


  • HIIT & Strength training
  • Abs and Legs
  • RPE 16
  • Jumping long-lunges, tapping the opposite foot in front (the one cardio station killed me today)


  • HIIT workout; partner day
  • Back and obliques
  • RPE 17
  • Partner exercise: Superset of Full Burpee’s (starting at 20, 15, 10, 5), alternating with forearm plank mountain climbers with sliders. This was honestly the hardest exercise we did all week (for me at least!)

Starting to see back muscles 🙂


Slow Flow Yoga at Be Yoga. Felt great to stretch my muscles out and feel them working at the same time. Good way to unwind before the big game tomorrow!


Superbowl Sunday! I am actually excited about the football game this year because the Carolina Panthers are playing. I was never much of a football fan until I went to my first NFL game. What a blast. We went to the Bank of America Stadium for a Monday night football game and watched the panthers beat the colts. They have been crushing it ever since and its been fun to keep up with.


Here we are at the Panthers game!

I am hoping for a Carolina victory tomorrow. Its been so cool being in Charlotte during this time. Everyone feels united standing behind this team.

Anyway…not planning on working out tomorrow. I work Sunday brunch in the morning and then its off to a Super Bowl party!

Go Carolina! Dab on Em!


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