Making a comeback this flu season

Flu season is here in full swing and I did not get so lucky this year. I caught the stomach bug that has been going around Charlotte and have been out for 3 days now. Getting the flu makes me feel so defeated. I think to myself “how the hell do I do what I normally do day to day?” Waking up at 5:00am to get to work, getting an afternoon workout in, coming home to make dinner, prepping breakfast and lunch for the next day and then unwinding with Shan before we call it  a night. It all sounds so exhausting…

Now I am finally starting to feel like a human again, thankfully! But the thought of jumping back into my normal routine is really overwhelming. I feel like I put this un-neccessary pressure on myself to bounce back quickly in order to make up for lost time. I need to work on being patient with myself and listen to my body. Right now I need rest, fluid replacement and fuel. The body won’t be able to train efficiently again until its healed and all the bad bacteria is gone.

So I am going to relax, be thankful and I am starting to feel better and take baby steps into getting back into my normal routine. My plan is to get back to work first. Once I can make it through the work day with stable energy, then Ill get back into the yoga studio. Then I will start back with the cardio and resistance training. It’s not a race! The most important thing is to move forward feeling healthy, happy and energized.

Make sure to go get a flu shot if you haven’t already. I kept putting it at the end of my t0-do-list and look where that got me. Also carry sanitizer around with you everywhere! You never know where the bacteria is lingering. Take care of yourself, your basic health should always be #1.


Has anyone else struggled with getting back into the swing of things after being sick? How do you deal?

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