Yoga, Art & a Live DJ…Sign me up!

There is definitely not a lack of yoga studios and events in Charlotte. I have absolutely loved trying new studios and going to different events since moving here last summer. I have been hopping around taking advantage of new student specials in order to find the perfect studio (annd to save some $$). The yoga presence in Charlotte is great and it has given me something to get involved in. I have also made some friends in the process, which has made Charlotte start to feel like home.

Last night I went to NC Yoga Bars “Balance to the Beat” event. NC Yoga bar is a “pop-up”studio in Charlotte. They hold classes at galleries, breweries, apartment complexes and for private parties. The vibe is really friendly and inviting, without any kind of studio intimidation. The event was held at the Advent Coworking Art Gallery. I got there early to have a look around and there were a ton of cool/unique pieces to check out before class.

Advent Coworking Art.jpg

The yoga class was a “glow” class, which is always fun. One of my favorite instructors from BeYoga  taught the class while DJ Aswell spun chill electronic beats. So there was yoga, great music, good people and a perfect environment to match. I was totally able to just let everything go and be in the moment. Of course that is always the goal during yoga practice, but some days its difficult to get there. Pairing the live music with practice really clicked for me. I enjoy music during yoga practice. It really helps me tune in to my breath and body and tune out of my wondering thoughts.

Glow yoga.jpg

So my first experience with NC Yoga Bar was great! The event was a bit on the pricey side ($25), but I did really enjoy the experience. I will definitely check out more of their events in the future.

NC Yoga bar.png

Do you like music during Yoga practice? What yoga events are offered in your community?


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