Weekly Workouts + Happy St Patty’s Day

Happy St. Patricks Day! I remembered it was St. Patricks day this morning as I was getting ready. I don’t ever do anything to celebrate, but I figured I would at least change out of my all-black outfit and put something green on.

Over the weekend, my boyfriend Shan and I went to our first Charlotte Hornets basketball game. The basketball game fell on the same night as  Charlotte’s St. Patricks Day Pub crawl…and holy cow! We did not know what we were walking into. The pub crawl was huge and there were people everywhere (apparently 20,000 people participated). By the time we got uptown, the crawl had been going strong for a couple of hours. So everyone had a dazed look in their eye. It did look like fun, but I was happy that we were heading to the basketball game. The hornets played great, beating the Houston Rockets 125-109.


After the game, we decided to check out the Cellar at Duckworths. It is a speakeasy style cocktail lounge that specializes in craft beer and cocktails. The drink I got was delicious! It was called the “Cellar Smash” and it had  fresh ginger & lemon, vodka, cardamon bitters, benedictine and elderflower. The consistency was like a slush, which made it even more refreshing. Shan got a beer and we ordered the mediterranean flatbread for a late snack. The vibe was good. We were able to escape the madness from the pub crawl and enjoy a couple of drinks.

Being in that pub crawl atmosphere as we were walking back to the car totally reminded me of the undergraduate days. I thought to myself,”Am I getting too old to let loose and have fun? Are we boring now?” The answer is: no! We had a great night and I should not question that or base it off of what other people are doing. Its all just part of growing up, different things appeal to us now and that is OK!

Now onto my workouts from the week:

Monday: Powerful Flow Yoga

I finally nailed my crow to plank pose! I have been working on that for a while, so it felt really good to do it.

Tuesday: Carolina Sweat Bootcamp

  • Leg day (lots of squats) with some Arms
  • RPE 15-16
  • Most challenging exercise: jumping toe taps while holding a kettle bell at the chest, also the jump squat surges in between stations

Wednesday: Cardio Day (45 minutes continuous)

  • Tons of sprints (2 x 8 parking lot sprints)
  • 90 second stations: high knees, jump rope, donkey kicks, ladder sprints, knee tucks, slider bear crawls
  • Did 30 seconds of windshield wipers with the legs (while lying on the back) in between stations

Thursday: Strength

  • Legs, back, lower abs and arms
  • 90 second stations: TRX rows, kettle bell deadlifts, sprinter skips, single arm “lawnmower” lifts with 15 lb., hollow hold crunches with 2 leg in the air, Ab thrusters with 30 lb dumbbell on the hips
  • Arms: 2 x 15 bicep curls with 20 lb., 2 x 15 sitting chest flys (10 lb. in each hand) and 3 x 15 tricep extensions with 15 lb. Total load = 105 reps.

Friday:  Carolina Sweat Bootcamp

  • HIIT and more sprints
  • RPE 17
  • Most challenging: battle rope swings in a deep squat position, goblet squats to press with two 15 lb. dumbbells.
  • This workout really pushed me! There were only 3 of us in the class, so there was no opportunity to rest bc the trainer was really on us. I felt awesome afterward though. Good mental push to finish.

Saturday: “REST”

Worked at the restaurant all day, which adds up to a lot of walking. Then we went to the hornets game.

Sunday: Workout with Shan

  • Ran 2 miles for cardio
  • Resistance training
    • Lat pull down machine (2 x 20 w/ 60 lbs)
    • Rowers on lat machine (2 x 20 w/ 60 lbs)
    • Bicep curls (3 x 15 w/ 15 lbs)
    • Tricep dips (2 x 30)
    • Hollow hold crunch with one leg raised straight up (2 x 20 on each side) FullSizeRender.jpgFullSizeRender 2.jpg
    • Lying chest press to alternating leg lift  (2 x 20)FullSizeRender 4.jpgFullSizeRender 3.jpgFullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 5.jpg


This was my first full week back at it after battling the flu for so long. It felt so good to have the energy to keep up with my workouts all week. Now I gotta keep that going throughout the month. My Spartan Sprint is less than a month away!


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