Mud Run/ Spartan Race Guide: How to be race day ready

You have signed up for a race, trained hard and now you are approaching race day. Planning out food and workouts the week leading up to the race can be challenging. The goal is to have peak energy and strength on race day and be as prepared as possible. I completed a spartan race about 2 weeks ago. This is a guide to how I got race-day ready, as well as tips and photos from my experience!

  1. Workouts 
    • Monday: 5 mile endurance run
    • Tuesday: 45 minute HIIT workout
    • Wednesday: 45 minute high-intensity cardio session
    • Thursday: 45 minute circuit training, followed by 2 sets of rope climbs
    • Friday: REST day. I did lots of foam rolling and stretching
    • Saturday: RACE DAY

As far as nutrition goes, I ate pretty much the same as I normally do. I tracked my protein and made sure to get 100 grams per day (which is my goal for training days). I also made sure add some extra complex carbohydrates into all my meals. I eliminated all beverages with added sugar and drank only water, green tea and post-workout protein shakes.

24 hours before the race…

  • Plan what you are going to wear
    • Look up weather conditions and be prepared for warm and cool weather. It was 52 degrees and windy for my race, so I wore compression leggings and a long sleeved tight top.
    • If your doing a race that involves water or mud, DO NOT WEAR COTTON! It will weigh you down and that would be no fun.
    •  Wear lightweight, trail running shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Do not buy new shoes for race day. Its important to wear what you have been training in.
    • For undergarments, I wore polyester blend socks and undies and a lightweight non-cotton sports bra.
    • I bought a pair of underarmor workout gloves and was really glad I had them. They help with money bars, rings, rope climb and heavy pulling. Make sure to get gloves with grip support.
  • Pack a bag
    • Energy Gel, chews or goo
    • Extra change of clothes
    • Extra shoes
    • Towel
    • Facial cleansing wipes
    • Baby wipes
    • Protein bar/ post race snack
    • Water
    • Your ID, registration info, or anything else you need to get into your race.
  • Fuel Up
    • Have a balanced dinner with protein and plenty of carbohydrates. I had grilled chicken and a roasted sweet potato topped with kale and goat cheese.

      Pre Race Dinner

      Spartan Fuel: Pre Race Dinner

    • Eat a good breakfast a few hours before race time. Breakfast should include a balance of carbohydrates, fats and protein to ensure long lasting energy. I had overnight oats with berries and chia seeds, 2 scrambled eggs with avocado and salsa and a small cup of coffee.

      Spartan Breakfast

      Spartan Race Fuel: Pre Race Breakfast

  • Hydrate!
    • Drink lots of water the day before race day. Its important to wake up hydrated and ready to go. On race day, you don’t want water sloshing around in your stomach and if your anything like me, the nerves will make you have to go the bathroom a ton as it is.
  • Get a good nights sleep
    • I know this can be difficult with the adrenaline rushing, but getting some solid shut-eye will improve your performance.
    • I diffused lavender and drank some camomile tea to help calm me down. But do whatever works for you. Take a bath, meditate, read, surf the web or watch a funny show to distract yourself and wind down for the night.
  • OWN IT!
    • Trust yourself and the training you have done. Believe that you are going to do great. Seek support from friends and family. Most of all, enjoy the moment and have a blast. I sure as hell had a great time on race day and I can’t wait to sign up for my next one.
  • Here are some photos from my race:
    Pre Race.jpg

    Team “Fun Squad” all checked in and ready to go!

    Cargo Net.jpg

    Cargo Net Obstacle

    Bucket Brigade.jpg

    Bucket Brigade…when things started getting difficult

    Muddy af.jpg

    Absolutely COVERED in mud! 

    Finish Fire Jump.jpg

    The Fire Jump that led to the finish line.

    Finish Line Group Photo.jpg

    Started as a team and finished as a team. AROO. 

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