Getting back on the blog wagon

It sure has been a while since my last post. Life has definitely sped up (in a good way) and I just let blogging slip through the cracks. I am still in the process of figuring out what kind of style blog I want and what content I want to focus on. Over thinking all of this has caused me to just avoid it all together. Starting a blog these days is challenging! There are so many amazing blogs out there and I feel overwhelmed about where to start/ how to keep up.

Then I took a step back and realized that I just simply need to write and be real. I want to use this space as a journal, as inspiration and as way to reach out to others with similar interests. Since my last post in June- A LOT has happened! A lot of big life things that I am proud of and that I worked hard for. So I want to re-visit this space and stay consistent with it going into 2017. I don’t have to put pressure on myself to have a beautiful blog with a ton of followers. I just need to put myself out there and write! Simple as that.

So super quick recap of the last couple of months…

  • I got a big girl job that I love. I am an Exercise Physiologist working in Cardiac Rehabilitation for Carolinas Healthcare System. Its a program designed to help people recover from cardiovascular disease through monitored exercise. Its really rewarding and I love promoting healthy living and exercise in my work.


  • Im getting married! Shan and I will be tying the knot in October of 2017. I will post more details later 🙂


  • Shan helped me get my first car. Without any help from my parents. IMG_1981.jpg



To sum it all up…Ive been doing some serious #Adulting and its really exciting. Bring it on 2017!


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