Weekly Workouts

I have been keeping a fitness log since September of last year (so about 5 months). I started tracking my exercise because I signed up for my first Reebok Spartan race! With something specific to train for, I have been much more motivated to keep up with my workouts. Having a goal makes such a big difference. It pushes you on the days your really not feeling it and its something to look forward to. My race date is in April, so I still have plenty of work to do.

When I track my workouts, I include the following:rpe-scale.gif

  • Main activity (HITT, yoga, running, weight training, etc) & duration
  • Main muscle groups targeted
  • RPE- rate of perceived exertion, which is a fancy way of stating how hard I worked. I use the Borg 6-20 scale.
  • What was most challenging
  • Any other notes- how I felt, if anything come up mentally, how sore I feel or just anything else I feel like noting.


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A B C’s of Y O G A


I have been actively practicing yoga for three years now. Yoga has always been something I was interested in. Throughout college, I went to a few classes here and there, but never quite reached that mind body connection. After college I was no longer doing gymnastics and I missed feeling in tuned with my body. So I stared practicing yoga, and this time I actually focused on what I was doing rather then just going through the motions. My what a difference it has made. I have grown both physically and mentally throughout my yoga journey. I have tried a bunch of different methods to really find what I like best. Here is a little insight into my yoga experiences and just some fun facts!

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Welcome to Fitlosophy

Hello therIMG_0605e. My name is Karen Thompson and I am starting my blogging journey with Fitlosophy.  My vision for this blog is to provide readers with knowledge they can use to live a healthy lifestyle and understand a bit of the science behind exercise. I believe that understanding is motivating and the more we are aware of what our bodies are capable of, the more we strive to be our best.

Ill start off by sharing my fitness story. I grew up in a small town in Michigan. We had 10 acres of land, so I had plenty of room to run outside and be active. My mom decided to put me in gymnastics because I had so much energy. Gymnastics became a big part of my life once I joined the competitive team. I loved gymnastics more than anything. It did not come easy to me and I was hard on myself, so there were challenges throughout the years. But the sport taught me so much about myself; how to push myself physically, work through fear and be confident in myself. I continued with gymnastics throughout high school and competed on my college club team for three years.

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